View all workflow instances in CQ5 (cq.workflow.superuser)

To view all workflows instances in workflow console/inbox & perform workflow actions on them, a user :

Must be a workflow superuser to view all workflow instances.

There is a OSGi config Day CQ Workflow Service[1] which has a property “cq.workflow.superuser”.

This property is a  list of workflow superusers & superuser groups. OOTB only admin user &  administrators group are added to it.

Should have Read/Modify/Create/Delete (RMCD) permissions on ‘/etc/workflow/instances’ to perform all workflow actions.

Please follow the steps given below to achieve this :

1) Go to /useradmin console and create a group e.g. workflow-su

2) Add this group to the “Contributors” group so that it has basic read permissions.

3) Then give RMCD (Right Modify, Create, Delete) permissions on ‘/etc/workflow/instances’ to this group.

4) Go to the config [1] and add the group workflow-su to the list of superusers & superuser groups (cq.workflow.superuser)

5) Assign group ‘wf-supuser’ to the users.



[1] http://host:port/system/console/configMgr/


2 Responses to View all workflow instances in CQ5 (cq.workflow.superuser)

  1. sara says:

    Thanks! I was having trouble because I did not know about the Day CQ Workflow Service config step.

  2. Federico Schroder says:

    This is very useful. Note the service name has changed to “Adobe Granite Workflow Service”.

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